“Smart lumen” LED street light automation is wireless automation by using GPRS IOT based solution where any LED street light can be operate, dimmed maintain and monitored anywhere in the world by using power of internet through mesh network.

This solution gives 75% energy saving compare to conventional street light & helps in reducing carbon emission, reducing energy consumption and less maintenance and more customer friendly solution

One Stop Solution for Smart Lighting Needs

  Automatic monitor and control of lights.

  Reduce the electricity bill and save energy.

  Control multiple lights – phase wise.

  Retrofit solution to avoid re-wiring.

  Reduce time and cost of installation.

  Measure the electricity consumption at feeder level.

  Alarms by SMS on faults.

  Lower maintenance and operational cost.

Empower your Installation with Intelligence

  Secure cloud based graphical user interface for real time data.

  Fault and error notification.

  Electricity consumption.

  User activity report.

  Export data in .CSV format for further analysis.

  Support for smart phone / mobiles for monitor control and alerts (optional).

  Fault detection alarms and events using email.

  Google map support for installation location.

  Daily / weekly / monthly reports:

  ON / OFF audit reports.

Intelligent Connected lights

  Street light controller (SLC):
wireless stand alone device to control individual streetlights.

  Supports ON/OFF/DIM individual lights remotely for each lamp.

  Time based scheduling and ON / OFF control.

  Retrofit with existing lights, plug-n-play device.

  Mesh networking for large coverage of 100s of KMs.

  Fault detection to detect and notify the non working light.

  Area wise energy metering and energy saving modes.

  Pre-defined templates for alternate ON / OFF


  Unmanned, accurate on-off operations,

  avoiding the human errors thus power savings in.

  All factories.

  Stock yards.


  Schools/college/commercial campuses.

  Public lighting systems.

  Municipal lighting systems

The solution reduces energy consumption by up to 80% and maintenance costs by up to 50%.

Make your Lights Wireless

  Interface Smart Lumen controller to existing streetlights to make them wireless.

  Smart Lumen is a low power radio frequency module which supports two way wireless communication.

  Supports relay ON / OFF and 0-10.

  V analog output for dimming.

  All wireless lights form a mesh network and support hopping of data and larger area coverage.

Form a Wireless Network

  Automatic wireless mesh network formation.

  Typical range between 2 lights: Approximate 50m

  Smart Lumen mesh network supports hopping of data & hence very larger area coverage in tens of kilometers.

  Automatic Network – self forming, self healing, self discovery.

Remote Monitoring and Control

  User touch points are added – Internet/mobile/smart phone.

  Cloud server application helps you monitor & control lights.

  ON/ OFF/ dimming control via time based schedule.

  Configure – site/user.

  Report for audit, consumption.

  Notification/alarm/fault alerts.

Connect it to Internet

  Add data concentrator unit (DCU) in the network.

  DCU has a front end of Smart Lumen and back-end of GPRS and Ethernet.

  DCU acts as two way communication gateway between every light and Internet based cloud server application.

  DCU supports override switch for controlling the lights in case of emergency.