Electrical Control Panel

INIQUE TECHNOLOGIES is managed by technocrats having 30 years of hardcore engineering experience in the field of electrical control panel & projects. We are Designing, Manufacturing, Testing, and Supply of Low Tensions Electrical Control Panels of all types as per Customer requirement and Consultant's Specification.

Our mission at INIQUE is to Manufacture Technically superior & cost effective product. We strive to provide our clients with the best of service and make the extra effort to ensure timely delivery and uphold our commitment toward our Client at all times. The company has undertaken large and complex projects to supply control panels. In this supply of control panel involving quality engineering skill as well as state of the art technology, to provide efficient & accurate distribution of electricity. We are also able to deliver a panel on time delivery record. Our priority is to satisfy all our customer's requirements promptly & efficiently.


  Switchboards are fabricated from CRCA sheet steel with load bearing members & doors of 2mm thick and partitions of 1.6mm thick, gland plates with 3mm thick sheet steel are used or as per consultant specification.

  Switchboards are totally enclosed with complete dust and vermin proof using neoprene gasket, Degree of protection IP52 as per IS 2147.Feeders & cable alley are provided with removable & swing doors with concealed type hinges to maintain proper line and ease of operation.

  An outgoing functional unit such as circuit breaker/ starters/ MCCB is arranged in multitier formation. Panels are suitable for specified climatic & site condition. Covers and knockout holes of adequate sizes with rubber grommet are provided in the proper location for wire entry connection. Panels shall be made of requisite vertical sections which when coupled together shall form continuous dead front switchboard.

  Highly motivated and dedicated team of people makes it possible to build customer confidence. We also give back up services through our experienced technician after sales to the customer. The company has competent well qualified and experienced engineers in all department like estimation, marketing, designing, fabrication, assembly quality control to provide qualitative Low Tension Electrical Control Panels. Due to the highly competitive market, we are always focussed to reduce cost, improve our quality and delivery schedules.


  Power control centre(PCC)

  Motor control centre(MCC)

  Draw out PCC & MCC panels (Single front/Double front)

  AMF panels for DG SET

  DG Synchronising panel with auto load sharing

  Auto source change over panel

  Automatic power factor correction panel

  Fire fighting panels

  HVAC starter panel(DOL/STAR-DELTA)

  VFD Starter panel (DOL/STAR-DELTA with bypass facility & BMS control)

  Feeder pillars

  Starter/MCCB enclosure, Indoor/Outdoor panel

  Control & Relay panel

  Distribution boards

  HT & LT Air insulated bus duct (Indoor/Outdoor)

  Street lighting control panel

  Street lighting control panel GSM based as per EESL (CCMS)

  FCMA soft starter panel

  Interface Panel


  Push button station

  Busbar coupler panel

  ACB panel

  MIMIC Panel

  Customised microprocessor-based control panel for a specific application.

  Any special purpose control panel with Embedded Electronics customized to suit a particular application as per your requirement.